Boho Stick Garland

I am on a Boho roll lately... 

Creating projects for my home that are not only handmade but use natural elements. 

Today I'm creating a stick garland from a repurposed thrift store find and it couldn't be easier or cuter! 

If you love the runner it is available on Amazon. 

See how easy it is to create with natural elements for your home...

stick garland

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This project required the following supplies:

The stick table runner like the one I found at the thrift store can be found on Amazon

stick garland supplies

This project was partially inspired by my friend Donna at Funky Junk Interiors. 

Donna made a beautiful rustic Christmas garland using sticks from her yard. 

The sticks I'm using today came from an amazing thrift store find that I've used several times already! 

I started with a 10' length of jute twine and doubled it. 

jute twine

About 12" down the length of the jute I tied a knot and added a wooden bead. 

twine with bead

Right after the bead I tied on a stick using a double knot with the 2 pieces of jute twine. 

bead and stick

I added 4 sticks the same way with a double knot after each stick. 

bead and 4 sticks

After the 4 sticks I tied on a cotton piece of macrame cord. 

beads, sticks, and cotton twine

After the macrame cord I added a wooden bead. 

After the next group of 4 sticks I tied on a piece of lace ribbon. 

sticks beads and lace ribbon

I repeated this pattern all the way down the jute twine. 

beads, sticks, ribbon garland

Four sticks with knots between each stick, a piece of macrame cord or lace ribbon, and a wooden bead. 

tying sticks to twine

When I got to about 12" from the end of the jute I tied a knot and ended the pattern. 

swirl of stick garland

How cute is this Boho garland?!

stick and bead garland


beads and stick garland

This is going to look great hanging on the mantel, the cabinets, on a window or anywhere you want a little natural bling! 


hanging stick garland

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boho garland pin with overlay


Hang it vertically for another great look.

vertical hanging stick garland

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hanging stick garland


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