Vintage Sifter Makeover Mantel Decor

Ok so this project isn't going to be for everyone but my goal today is to show you that you can change what doesn't work for you. 

I had this beautiful antique piece that wouldn't fit anywhere in my home so I modified it. 

Yes I did... took it apart and put it back together again only smaller. 

Check this out and keep in mind what you can do if you need to! 

grain sifter, clock and vase on mantel

I began with this beautiful huge old sifter, I think it's a grain sifter. 

large vintage grain sifter

Like my gold brick stenciled floor? It was a fun DIY project! 

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I've had the sifter in the basement for years because I thought it was very cool but it didn't fit anywhere in my house. 

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Even after downsizing my vintage stash for the kitchen makeover, I hung on to this piece. 

Today, I decided to make it fit. 

Yep! I'm taking it apart, cutting it, and putting it back together. 

First, I removed the old hardware on one side of the sifter. 

removing rustic hardware

The sifter had some great rusty hardware that I wanted to replace once I was finished.

vintage label holder

When all the hardware was removed I measured the sides to the size I wanted and used a circular saw to cut the wood frame. 

cut wooden frame

Next, I cut the hardware cloth with wire cutters

hardware cloth and wire cutters

I removed the wooden end I cut off and put it back on where I cut the frame sides. 

corner of wooden frame

I replaced all the vintage nails and used a little wood glue to attach the trim. 

I put back all the vintage hardware where it was, drilling pilot holes where needed. 

drilling pilot holes

At this point you could give the wood a coat of hemp oil to give it a little luster. 

And now... the size is perfect and it fits in several places in my house and even my mantel where it's going to stay. 

vintage sifter and leftover wire piece

When you have an extra long mantel you need a lot of decorations! 

vintage sifter and  cement vase

The cute cement urn was another DIY project using paint. 

sifter with cement urn

The DIY backpack basket in the center of the mantel is filled with beautiful faux tulips. 

extra long mantel with basket of flowers and sifter

And the book stack at the other end is a quick and easy project that takes minutes and recycles old books. 

long mantel decor with book stack

The moral of the story today is that you can remake something you love to fit your needs! 

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rustic mantel decor pin with overlay

See what you can do to create the look you want around your home with what you already have. 

vintage sifter, cement urn and clock

Thanks for visiting! 

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vintage sifter, cement vase and clock


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