Rag Flag Banner with Recycled Jeans

 If you liked the easy rag flag I made using scrap fabric and a doily, then you're going to like this one too! 

Who doesn't like a cute project you can make from recycled clothing? 

I sure do! 

So gather your old red and white clothing along with a pair of blue jeans that are headed to donation and follow along! 

American Flag rag banner with star pocket

First, I found a wooden pole in my basement. 

I cut the pole to about a foot and a half long. 

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I gathered my red, white and blue clothing and tore it into 14" strips about 1" wide. 

torn red and white fabric

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I tied the strips of blue to the stick first with one knot. 

blue fabric strips tied in knot on bar

A drop of hot glue will secure the knots to the pole. 

Next, I grabbed my red and white strips, including some lace ribbon, and tied them to the pole. 

red strips tied to bar

Now it was time for the pocket. 

cutting out pocket with scissors

I cut a pocket off of a pair of blue jeans that no longer fit. (that is a story for another day) 😐

blue jean pocket

Using my very favorite stars and stripes pack of stencils from Amazon, I stenciled white stars on the pocket using Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement. 

star banner

When the stars dried, I used hot glue to glue the pocket to the strips of blue. 

white stenciled stars on pocket

I cut off the strips of blue just under the pocket to create my field of blue. 

field of blue with star pocket with flower

Next, I gathered more red and white strips of fabric and hot glued those strips to the bottom of the blue strips. 

rag flag with star pocket

I cut off the bottom of all the strips at the bottom of the flag to make them somewhat even. 

rag flag with star pocket

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rag flag with overlay

On top of the flag I added a length of jute twine as the hanger. 

rag flag with jute hanger

I made a tassel out of light jute twine and hung it on one end of my flag. 

red and white fabric strips

I love the way it turned out and it is going to be the perfect decoration for the Fourth of July! 

Thanks so much for visiting! 


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American Rag flag


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