Coastal Tabletop Mirror

I love making home decorations with shells that I've collected over the years. 

We live near the beach and visit the Caribbean often so I have a whole box of beautiful shells, sea glass, and treasures. 

While I was in Target the other day I found a mirror and I knew just what I was going to do with it. 

Take a look...

shell mirror and shells

The mirror I found in the Target Dollar Spot was perfect for this project.

This mirror had a circular frame built into the glass and had little rubber feet on the bottom to protect surfaces.

target mirror

My shell collection consists of large and small shells, sea glass, pieces of unique pottery found on the beach, and a little sand. 

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jar of shells

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small shells and sea glass

Using E6000 glue, I glued the shells around the mirror beginning with the larger shells spaced around the mirror. 

shells glued to mirror

After I added the larger pieces I began filling in between the shells with smaller ones. 

If you don't happen to have a shell collection of your own you can purchase shells on Amazon. 

smaller shells in a round mirror

I continued adding shells and treasures until the mirror was finished. 

mirror with shells and shell collection

The best part was adding unique finds like the fishing weight I found on the beach. 

shells and fishing weight

The tiniest shells were added in between the other shells. 

tiny shells glued to mirror

I just love the way this mirror looks! 

round mirror with shells

This is the perfect coastal mirror for a dresser top. 

mirror with lotion

Place it in a round tray for a beautiful coastal living room decoration. 

shell mirror with plant in wooden tray

The shells stick permanently to the mirror with the E600 glue! 

shells stuck to a mirror with glue

You can use any round mirror for this project but this one has a clear frame that is perfect for framing the shells. 

You could even paint the shells silver or gold!

These would make great gifts! 

shell mirror with dot and vase

pin button
coastal shell mirror pin

Use shells, stones, string, or raffia to create a mirror for your decor.


It looks beautiful with the macrame wall hanging I made recently

shell mirror and macrame hanger


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toiletries and vase on shell mirror



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