Stenciled Folding Penny Table

Did you ever pull something out of the trash on your own street? Embarrassing! 

I drove by a large oval folding tray table in my neighbors trash that would be perfect for this project. 

I told myself that if it was still there when I returned, it was meant to be and I'd grab it. 

Yep, it was there when I returned so I tossed it in my trunk and took off before my neighbor could see me!

penny tile stenciled table

I've always thought there should be an HGTV show where you take something out of someone's trash, fix it up then return it to them. 

oval folding table before

This table came out so cute I might just do that! 

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Supplies I needed to stencil this table:

First, I sanded the top of the table with my electric sander. 

sanded folding table

The legs needed to be tightened but other than that the natural wood color would be perfect with the design I'm using on the top. 

sanded folding table

This table had a damaged veneer which I sanded flat the best I could. 

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The edges of the table are a little rough but the stencil is a busy one and it camouflages the damage nicely. 

How to stencil using a penny stencil:

I began by painting the table top with Fusion Mineral Paint in Hazelwood, a pretty grey color that will work perfectly for the "grout" lines. 

hazelwood jar of paint

Hazelwood painted table

When the Hazelwood dried I used the Penny Stencil from Old Sign Stencils and Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black to stencil the pennies all over the table top. 

penny tile stencil

Coal Black stenciled table top

black circles on oval table

I let the penny tile dry then using the detailed penny stencil that comes in the pack, I began randomly stenciling tile flowers all over the top of the table. 

The pennies look so cute you could even leave it as it is! 

detailed penny tile stencil

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement White for the flowers. 

You just lay the stencil over the black penny dots and stencil over them. 

white flower penny tile

You can make these flowers in any color. 

As you can see I was not too concerned with the placement of the flowers, I think it adds to the interest of the table. 

random penny tile flowers

I made one large flower near the center then random flowers around the table. 

random stenciled flowers

When the stenciling was dry I sprayed the top of the table with a matte sealer. 

folded table with penny tiles

You can see how the busy pattern of these tiles hides any imperfections in my table. 

pin button
stenciled table top pin


stenciled table top and overlay

I think my neighbor would be thrilled to see this table now! 

I might just drop it off!

stenciled penny tile table by window


This stencil is the cutest and would look great on a kitchen or bathroom mat, table top, or craft project. 

How would you use this fun stencil?

stenciled table with riser


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penny tile stenciled flowers



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