Beaded Thrift Store Tray with Transfer Design

Don't you just love it when you find just what you were hoping to find at the thrift store? 

You definitely have to be willing to do the work sometimes to get it just the way you want it. 

Today I'm recreating a beaded wooden tray I found with a not so good Christmas stencil on it. 

Take a look...

wooden tray with transfer and beaded trim

The tray was perfect, the faded wood, the beads, the size, everything but the stencil in the center. The price was right too and was 30% off! 

christmas tray with thrift store label and beaded trim

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Luckily, I knew just how to fix it with a quick sanding using my electric sander. The stencil came right off. 

beaded tray with design sanded off

Next, I decided the tray would look good with a coat of white but sanded almost all the way off. I painted the tray with Waverly paint in Parchment. 

wooden tray with white paint

When the paint was dry I sanded the center and edges of the tray with the electric sander. I went back over the tray with a piece of sand paper to distress the beaded edge as well. Be sure to wipe off any dust that remains on the tray from the sanding. 

roughly sanded beaded tray

Next, I used a rub on stencil from redesign by Prima.  I received the Classic Vintage Label collection from Piglet's Closet and I just love these transfers, not to mention there are about 30 transfers in this tube to work with. 

package of transfer designs

I chose one that went with the shape of my tray and centered it using the grid lines on the transfer paper. 

image with grid lines

Using the wooden stick that comes with the transfers, I rubbed the image until it became lighter and I knew it was adhering to the wood.

design on center of tray

Next, I peeled off the transfer paper and my design looked amazing! 

oval image with roses

I sealed the image with a matte spray sealer to protect it from wear.

tray with oval design in center


Distressed wooden tray with image and candle on table

I think it turned out beautifully! 

distressed tray on table runner

It was just as I hoped it would look with a highly distressed painted finish and a gorgeous transfer in the center. 

tray with mannequin and design

Stop in and see the cute makeover on this little mannequin while you're here.

tray and hand with sign words

Please pin for later >>

wooden tray with image and beads and overlay pin

I hope you give these great transfers a try, they are easy to use and can be used on many surfaces. The fact that so many come in the tube will keep you busy for many a project! 

tray with bulb and hand sign


Tray with image and hand sign

redesigned tray with beads and overlay pin

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tray with stone background

Piglet's Closet provided me with the transfers but all opinions are my own. 


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