Crafty Girl Craft Organizer Tote

Today's project fills a need for sure! 

I have a workshop in my basement but I work all over the house. I craft in the office and right on our huge kitchen island. 

I am forever forgetting things that I need in the basement. Or if I try to bring up everything I need I usually have my hands and my pockets full on the way up the stairs. 

Today I'm going to fix that problem...

crafty tote with stencils and craft supplies

The need was for an organizer I could fill with the tools and craft supplies I use all the time that I could carry around. 

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A crate with a handle! 

crate and handle

A crafty crate filled with everything I need for my projects. 

I began with the absolute perfect handle that was what was leftover from the tray table I cut apart for this project. 

I also just happen to have a divided wooden crate that the handle fit on perfectly. 

craft tote before paint

I drilled a couple holes on each side and inserted a screw and bolt to hold on the handle. 

handle and bolts on crate

The next step was to paint the crate. I brought it out into the garage where I do a lot of my spray painting on rainy days. I used spray paint in the color Oregano which is a beautiful mossy green color. (The color doesn't show correctly in this photo because of the florescent lighting in the garage)

spray painted craft tote

Next, I wanted to add a stencil to the front of the box. I created the word "crafty" with my Cricut Joy vinyl cutting machine

stencil vinyl with the word Crafty

I cut it out on stencil vinyl which is the BEST thing to use for stenciling. 

stencil vinyl the word crafty

I stenciled the word "crafty" with a dark grey craft paint. 

dark grey paint on crafty stencil

green tote with grey crafty word

When the paint was dry I began adding fun little accessories to the crate that would hold my supplies. 

top view of craft supplies

First, I added a rusty hook to the handle to hold twine. 

rusty hook on handle with twine

I added a random metal piece I had to hold the scissors on the inside of the crate. 

scissors and a metal scissor holder

I had a metal hanging shelf that I added to the inside of the crate to hold smaller items.

metal tray inside crate


Also, a plastic organizer from the Dollar Tree is perfect for holding screws and small pieces.

clear plastic dollar store organizer in tote


Mason jars with gold painted rims hold my paintbrushes and tools. 

mason jars with gold tops for brushes and tools

And lastly, a hook on the outside to hold my rebar wire. 

hook on outside of crate

hook holding rebar wire on tote

I usually have to make a couple trips to the basement for paint, tape, tools, and a tape measure. Having them all in one place that I can just grab and go is going to be a time saver! 


Craft supplies and a carrying tote

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craft supply tote and overlay

I hope you like the crate I made, it really was an easy project with not too many cuts. 

craft supplies and green tote

Fill a crate with your craft supplies and add a handle for the perfect craft tote! 


craft tote and overlay

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craft supply tote with supplies



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