Recycled Sweater Pumpkin

This sweater was my very favorite slouchy cotton sweater. 

It had so many pulls this year I just couldn't wear it one more time so I'm going to recycle it. 

This easy project can be made with a sweater you are sad to part with or one from the thrift store. 

Follow along and see just how easy it is to create a beautiful sweater pumpkin for Fall! ...

Two sweater pumpkins with moss

Like I said, this was my favorite sweater and I had no right wearing it for this long because there were more pulls than stitches at this point. 

favorite cotton sweater

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I began like I did with other recycled clothing pumpkins I've made in the past, by cutting off part of the sweater sleeve. 

cut sweater sleeve

There are several ways to make a pumpkin and I'm going to show you two ways that worked for me. 

On the first one I turned the sleeve inside out and tied one end tightly with a zip tieI worked carefully so the sweater wouldn't unravel.

gathered end of sweater with zip tie

I sat the sleeve up so I could easily see how much pillow stuffing I would need. 

If you have an old bed pillow you can wash it and save the stuffing for projects! 😉

sweater sleeve sitting up and open

I filled the pumpkin then used another zip tie to grab the fabric at the top. 

stuffed pumpkin with zip tie top

Next, I used jute twine to wrap the sweater fabric that was at the top to create a stem. 

jute tied stem

I gathered 3 lengths of jute twine about 24" long and tied them in the center. 

I hot glued the center tie to the bottom of my pumpkin. 

jute tied at bottom of pumpkin

Two by two I pulled the opposing jute strings up to the top of the pumpkin, tied them around the stem, then cut the excess string. 

jute stem with jute pumpkin ribs

I did this with all 6 strings intertwining them with each other so they met evenly at the top. 

Don't worry if the top looks a little messy at this point. I used Spanish moss to cover the area around the stem. 

stem with moss and silver leaf on sweater pumpkin

I had a silver leaf left over from a dollar store project and glued it to the top of my pumpkin. 

The second way to create the pumpkin is to once again zip tie the bottom of the pumpkin when the sleeve is inside out. 

This time, once I stuffed my pumpkin,  I used a longer zip tie to "sew" around the top of the sleeve, gathering the stitches. 

cork stem with gathered sweater top

Before I pulled the zip tie too tightly I added a little hot glue and a champagne cork to the center. 

I decorated the top of this pumpkin with Spanish moss as well. 

two sweater pumpkins with moss and stems


I went around each pumpkin cutting off any of the pulls in the fabric. Don't worry it didn't compromise the stitches! 

pumpkins with wreath and larger pumpkin

They are the cutest little pumpkins and I'm so happy I get to enjoy my favorite sweater every Fall! 

sweater pumpkins and bust

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sweater pumpkins and overlay


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sweater pumpkins on cutting board



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