Mini Rusty Heart Garland

Recently I ordered a package of small wooden hearts from Amazon and I've gotten so much use out of them! 

Today I'm creating a second mini wired heart garland only this time I'm making it rusty! You're going to love this easy rust technique along with a little spray painting hack. 

This garland looks great in the rusty look but even looks adorable in its natural wood color.

See what I mean...

xoxo blocks with a wired rusty heart garland

So it all began with this package of small hearts with holes I purchased on Amazon

wooden hearts

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You don't realize how many are in this package until you start working with them. One hundred hearts are good for several projects and I'm not done yet!

I'm also using a small gauge black wire for this project and a wooden skewer. The wire is approximately a 24 gauge wire. 

spray painted hearts

First, I spray painted the hearts front and back with a new paint I'm trying for a rusty look. The spray paint is Rustoleum Textured Spray Paint in Rustic Umber. The funny thing is that it says "stops rust" on the can but it creates a great rusty look! 

And here is a hint... when you are spray painting something small you're going to want to keep the hearts from blowing away when you spray. I put down a piece of duct tape, sticky side up and secured it with more tape at the end. I stuck all the hearts on the tape then spray painted. They didn't move!! When the hearts were dry I flipped them over and did the same for the other side. 

cinnamon looking hearts on a rack

While the paint was still wet I sprinkled a tiny bit of ground cinnamon on the hearts just to give them a little more texture, plus they smell good! 😉

Once the hearts were dry I began stringing them onto the wire with little coils between each heart using the wooden skewer. 

wire with rusty hearts

I think they look so rusty! 

rusty heart garland on bricks

You can read more about this in the post I made with the mini pink heart garland

mini pink hearts with wire and skewer

I made another tiny garland without any paint and the natural color looks adorable too! 

natural wired mini heart garland

These little garlands are the perfect little neutral Valentine's Day decor for tiered trays, hook racks, baskets, or anywhere you want a little love decor! 

rusty heart garland on basket

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rusty heart garland and overlay

rusty heart garland and overlay

I hope you like this cute little rusty garland and you'll give this rusty paint treatment a try! 

coiled wire rusty hearts on brick


By the way these cool wooden XO's came from Target. A box of 4 of them for kids to paint with the paint was $5. I'm not a kid and I'm not painting them but they are very worth it for 2 X's and 2 O's! 

heart garland on placemat


Rusty heart garland on a basket with a plant

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xoxo blocks and heart garland


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