Framed Vintage Button Heart

Today I'm creating a quick and easy heart project using a recycled frame and a whole bunch of vintage buttons. 

You may have seen the vintage button pillows I made this week. That project gave me another great idea and that's where we are today! 

All you need for this project is an old framed piece of art and buttons. The vintage and antique buttons are the best but you can make this project with any buttons! 

Take a look...


Framed neutral art

Buttons! I had a whole bunch of vintage and antique buttons from a collection given to me when my great grandfather passed many years ago. A few days ago I made a couple of small pillows with these buttons. 

I've been making things with these buttons for years now. Over the years I've also collected my own stash of buttons from old clothing and random old coats. If you don't have a button collection of your own, Amazon sells some very cool buttons! 

pile of buttons

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recycled frame

I began this project with this framed art. It came from the thrift store and is nothing special but I liked the neutral background. 

I made a white wash and painted over the picture with just one coat. This gave me a lighter version of the original picture with an ombre effect. 

white washed frame and brush

Next, I cut a heart from card stock and traced around the heart with a pencil. 

cardboard heart tracer on frame

You will want to make a very light line or erase your pencil line so it is just barely seen. 

light heart shape on frame

I started gluing buttons around the edge and into the middle of the heart. I used my newer buttons on the bottom layer. 

filling in heart with buttons

I started out using hot glue but the glue strings were an awful problem so I switched mid project to another glue called Aqua Liquid Glue which holds very well. You just have to give it drying time at the end. 

aqua glue and button picture

The liquid glue worked great and it was easy to move the buttons around before they dried. 

first layer of buttons in heart

I kept filling in the buttons putting them as close together as I could, kind of like a puzzle. 

layers of buttons in heart

Once I finished the first layer, I used the more antique buttons from my collection as a random second layer. I wanted the older buttons to really show. Some even had the string still in the centers! 

It looks a little messy now but you can get rid of the hot glue strings with a heat gun or a blow dryer. The strings make it frustrating when you're working! 

layers of vintage buttons

Once I thought I had enough buttons and I liked the look, I set it aside to dry for a few hours. 

framed button heart

That's it! 

framed vintage button art on table

My button heart had an ombre effect that I loved and added neutral interest to the background of the vintage buttons. 

framed button heart on metal foot

This was an easy project that took only an hour or so. 

framed button heart

Please pin for later --->> 

framed button heart and overlay

It can be displayed on a wall or with other neutral Valentine's Day decorations. 

button valentine heart and heart garland


framed button heart on table

I like it best on the shelf above my window that has all kinds of other neutral vintage photos. 

vintage photos and framed button art

I love the neutral look of holiday decor! 

heart shape with vintage buttons


framed button heart on board and batten wall with hook

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framed button art


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