Textured Gold Fabric Heart

Happy Valentine's Day! 

I was totally inspired by an Amazon find today. 

Only I'm cheap. Well, cheap and I just love to create things myself. Get the look for less. 

And I did, I got a similar look using things I had around the house and aside from the spray paint, it was free!  

Take a look...

hanging gold heart and hooks

The look I was going for was this adorable set of stuffed looking metal hearts on Amazon

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Now the price was not bad for 3 hearts but I'm giving it a free try none the less. 

How to texture Mod Podge:

I began with drop cloth fabric. The drop cloth fabric I'm using today has a plastic backing but I really don't think it matters what fabric you use. 

thick coat of mod podge on drop cloth fabric

I coated the fabric with Mod Podge. My Mod Podge was very thick because I never seem to get the caps on right so if you have thicker Mod Podge you're ahead of the game. If not, just use more coats. 

Once the fabric was coated with the Mod Podge I used a hair dryer to begin the drying process. I don't want it all the way dry though because I'm going to add texture. 

Once the Mod Podge was dry but a little puffy and soft I used a piece of burlap and pressed it into the Mod Podge.

burlap to give texture

I used my hands to press the burlap down firmly. 

hand pushing burlap into mod podge

The burlap should lift right up from the Mod Podge and leave a burlap design behind. The burlap should not stick to the Mod Podge, if it does then dry it more. 

drying mod podge with texture

Once I had the texture I wanted I dried it some more.  

When the fabric was dry I made a tracer and cut out a heart from the textured fabric. 

heart tracer on fabric

textured heart

I also cut out a heart from another piece of the drop cloth fabric without Mod Podge. 

backing heart and scissors

I made a loop from gold wire and hot glued it to the backing heart for a hanger. 

gold loop hanger

Next, I used my favorite gold spray paint and spray painted the fabric gold. I only did the textured heart but you could do both sides. 

gold painted heart and can

Once the paint is dry, the next step is to glue the 2 hearts together. I went around the heart with hot glue then stuffed the heart with batting. I glued the stuffed heart closed and trimmed the edges with a scissor. 

stuffed gold heart

Lastly, to give the gold paint some dimension. I'm using an antiquing glaze by Rustoleum that I use for a ton of projects.  I rubbed the glaze into the texture in random places and let it dry. 

antiquing glaze on heart

The antiquing glaze gave the heart the same look as the inspiration pieces. 

gold textured heart with brown dimension

I tied a piece of jute through the gold wire and hung the heart on a hook on my new board and batten wall. 

jute hanger on gold heart

hanging gold heart on hook

I got pretty much the sane look for less for sure. 

gold heart in wreath

I'll be hanging this beauty up for Valentine's Day but it can also stay up all year long because it is just that cute!


hanging gold heart on hook


gold heart on wooden table

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stuffed gold heart with overlay


stuffed gold heart with overlay

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gold heart on hook

gold heart on wooden table


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