Torn Cardboard Bunny Banner

Good Morning! Are you ready for Spring? I know I sure am! 

Recently I made a torn heart banner for Valentine's Day and it was a hit! 

Today I'm making a torn cardboard bunny banner for Spring and Easter. Go grab an Amazon box and follow along! 

Take a look...

bunny banner with a carrot on peg rack

Like I said, I began with a cardboard Amazon box. I'm using just the flaps for this project. 

I printed out a picture of a bunny from the internet and traced it onto the cardboard. 

cardboard flaps with bunnies

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I traced the bunnies in all different directions so that the corrugated cardboard would go in different directions on the banner.

cardboard bunnies

Once the bunnies were cut, I used a fork to strip off some of the top layer of cardboard to reveal the corrugated parts. 

fork splitting cardboard

cardboard bunny with corrugation showing

Don't pull off too much and you will want each bunny to look different. 

torn cardboard bunnies

Next, I punched a hole into the top of each bunny for stringing. 

hole punched cardboard bunnies

I used a fairly dry brush and brushed each bunny with white craft paint. When it dried I went back over them with a second coat. Make sure you go over the top of the corrugated parts with the brush and not into all the valleys. 

dry brushing corrugated bunnies

Once the bunnies were dry I used a piece of white jute to string the bunnies onto the twine. 

corrugated white bunnies on twine

Now you can leave your bunny banner just like this or you can add a carrot! 

carrot shaped corrugated cardboard

For the carrot I followed the same process but painted it with orange craft paint and added a piece of faux greenery to the top with hot glue.

cardboard carrot with faux greenery top

My bunny banner was ready to replace the heart banner on the peg shelf in my kitchen! 

torn heart banner on peg rack

Please pin for later --->>

torn cardboard bunny banner pin with overlay


bunny banner with a carrot on twine

This is such an easy project that recycles and doesn't cost anything to make! 

cardboard bunny banner on peg shelf with rusty things


shelves with pegs and kitchen items and banners

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torn carrot and bunny


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