Inexpensive Farmhouse Pendant Lights

Have you ever wanted to change up something and obsessed about it for a long time? 

That is the story with the hanging pendant lights in my kitchen. We had the kitchen renovated 2 years ago and I've disliked the pendant lights I chose ever since. 

I thought about replacing them all together but since they've only been there for 2 years, it didn't seem like the right thing to do. 

And seeing how I am a lifetime DIYer, and a little cheap, I just didn't have it in me to just buy new lights.

Take a look... 


farmhouse lights

In the old kitchen I had the coolest hanging pendant lights. They were the kind you can screw into a pot light. I had two right over my island.  I found vintage metal shades at a garage sale that were perfect and I just loved them. Problem was that there were only 2 so I didn't save them. 

galvanized pendant shade

Fast forward a few years and we renovated the kitchen. I have the white kitchen I've always wanted but I never liked the pendant lights I chose for over the 9 foot island. The glass on them always made them have a glare. I don't know about you but I don't do well with choosing things. Give me 2 choices and I'll pick the one I want. Unlimited choices just stress me out. 

white kitchen

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Recently I've made it my mission to figure out a way to change the look of these lights. 

old glass bubbled light shade

I knew what look I wanted because this is what I have over the table. I wanted a similar look. 

farmhouse style light

I searched the internet for metal farmhouse light shades and all I could find were lampshades that were upwards of $50 a piece. Too much for this DIY girl! I wasn't even sure that they were going to work with these lights. I didn't know if the black top of the shades on the old ones even came off. 

Finally I found what might work online. They have them on Amazon and Home Depot in different shapes and sizes. 

black metal lamp shade

The day came that the shades finally arrived, I took apart the pendant lights I had to see how this was going to work. To my surprise by turning the round part at the top, the whole shade, glass and black metal piece came off easily!!! Don't look to closely at the dust! 

old light shade

All I had to do was to slip the new metal shade right onto the existing socket and screw it tight!! The Edison bulbs from the old lamps fit perfectly!

farmhouse style metal shade

light with Edison bulb

That was it! And now I'm off to dust! 

hanging farmhouse pendant lights

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black light and overlay

The lights I've disliked for 2 years are now replaced with the metal farmhouse shades I should have gotten from the beginning!

kitchen with hanging farmhouse lights

So the moral of this story is to take a chance!

black metal lamp shades on pendant lights


old vs new light


hanging light over island and coffee bar

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farmhouse pendant light


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