Easy Boho Basket Makeover

Do you find baskets at the thrift store? Do you have a house full of baskets and some in need of a makeover? 

Today I'll show you how to make the easiest makeover on an old basket. 

I had a basket in need of some TLC and found a way to do it in minutes! 

Take a look...

Basket on mantel with tassels

Here's my basket that was in need of a makeover. The edges were damaged and the sea grass looked a little dented. 

sea grass basket with damage

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I had this old beaded tassel garland. I have no idea where it came from, just one of those things that shows up at your house and you think you'll use it for something someday. 

bead and tassel garland

No tassel garland? No worries, I've got you... keep reading and I'll show you how to make tassels yourself. 

I cut apart the garland and separated the yarn tassels from the wooden beads. 

beads and tassels

I gathered all the wooden beads in a jar, you know I'll be using them at another time. 

tassels and jar of beads

And then came the tassels. I had an idea to attach them to the basket but that wouldn't solve the problem of the damaged edges on the basket. I grabbed some jute ribbon I had gotten at Dollar Tree at one time and hot glued it all the way around the top edge of the basket. 

basket with ribbon

It was better already! 

ribbon edged basket

Next came the tassels. 

basket with first tassel

I glued one tassel on each edge of the basket then one in the center, then one in between both of them. 

basket with tassels and a space

This way my tassels were all the same distance apart. 

basket with side full of tassels

I did the same thing on the other side, there was no need to do the sides because there were handles on this basket. 

basket with tassels on 2 sides

And that my friends is it! 

basket on mantel with wreath

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basket on mantel with wreath and overlay

My basket now had a new look! 

basket with tassels on shelf

And I promised I'd show you how to DIY your own yarn tassels... Cut a piece of cardboard to the size of the tassel you want. These are about 5" long. I wrapped the yarn around the cardboard about 20 times then tied the strands together at the top, Next, slide the yarn off the cardboard and cut the bottom yarn strands straight across. Use another piece of yarn to tie a tight knot about an inch down from the top and you're done! 

how to make a tassel


This updated basket looks great with the other baskets in the shelves under my TV. 

shelves with baskets and frames


tassels on basket with wreath

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shelves with baskets and frames


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