Air Dried Clay Hearts

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Today's project is for Valentine's Day and they are the cutest hearts made with air dried clay. I've seen so many ideas using air dried clay on Pinterest that I couldn't wait to give it a try! 

I've used other air dried clay in the past with pretty good luck and since I'm all about trying new products, here goes! 

The best part is that you can make this project in any shape and for any occasion! 

Take a look...

gold textured heart with ribbon

In the past I've used inexpensive air dried clay from the dollar store to make tiny textured heart bowl fillers and I had pretty good luck with my project:

bowl of brown textured clay hearts

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DAS air dried clay

Today I'm trying very much the same techniques but I'm using a better air dry clay called DAS modeling clay. It comes in a pretty large package that I'll be able to use many times. It also comes in a terra cotta color that can be used for so many nature inspired projects! 

cookie cutter and clay hearts

This is quite an easy project, just like you did back in school. 

Just grab off a chunk of the clay, this one is easy to work with and didn't need too much manipulation to make it soft. 

heart cookie cutter and clay

I used a rolling pin and rolled out a small piece of clay then used heart cookie cutters to cut heart shapes. 

hearts, rolling pin, and cookie cutters

I think the hearts with the scalloped edges are my favorites! 💜

I made a hole for hanging on one side of the heart shape with a straw. 

straw to make holes in clay hearts

Next, I used whatever I could find to give my hearts some texture. 

First, a piece of burlap that I just pressed down into the clay heart with a roller. 

burlap textured hearts

Secondly, a piece of paper doily and I did the same thing. 

paper lace on clay

lace textured clay heart

On the third one I used a piece of plastic greenery to press into the clay heart. 

clay hearts with texture on drying rack

Use whatever you can find to add beautiful texture to your hearts because the next step will bring out all that beautiful texture! 

clay hearts on drying rack

I set the hearts out to dry and as you can see the clay begins to turn bright white when it drys. 

clay with white drying edges

I let them dry overnight.  

In the morning when the hearts were completely dry and white, I used a tiny bit of gold leaf Rub and Buff to lightly rub over the textured surface and around the edges. Don't use too much or you will fill in the texture!

rub and buff and clay heart

For the heart that I pressed in the greenery, I used watercolor paint and a thin brush to paint the texture left by the greenery branch. 

painting greenery in clay heart

clay heart with painted greenery texture

Lastly, I flipped over the hearts and gave them a coat of gold spray paint on the backs to make the back look pretty too! . 

That's it! 

rub and buff textured hearts on rack

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clay heart and overlay

Hang ribbon, piece of lace or gold wire through the hearts and they're ready to decorate a gift or to just hang around the house. 

clay hearts with ribbons


textured clay heart with ribbon

They make the cutest, and easiest, Valentine's Day decorations! 

gold textured heart with ribbon

Also remember, use other cookie cutters or even just a glass to create other shapes and designs! 

mug rack with creamers and heart


plant with gold heart

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gold heart on peg rack with overlay


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