Vintage Recycled Hanging Love Letter

Do people even write love letters anymore?  I know I don't, unless you count that little "honey do" list I leave on the counter. 

Today I am using a vintage hanger and cardboard to create my own little love letter Valentine decor. 

This is a quick and easy project and you probably have everything you need already at home. 

Take a look ...


Vintage hanger with love letter

I started with a piece of recycled cardboard. I'm using the top of a boot box but the size is entirely up to you. 

cardboard shoe box top

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Got Amazon boxes? The flaps from the box would be perfect for this project. 

First, cut the cardboard to size. All I did was to cut the flaps off the box. 

folding cardboard with a ruler

I found the center and bent the cardboard around a ruler so I would get a good fold at the center. 

Next, I grabbed a vintage hanger and added cup hooks. My cup hooks are vintage as well and were used previously on this project.  I also ended up using the vintage hanger set up on this Christmas tree sign. 

vintage hanger with cup hooks

I trimmed the cardboard rectangle with a paper cutter so my edges would be perfect! 

cardboard in a paper cutter

I cut 2 pieces of jute twine and placed them where they would line up with the cup hooks on the hanger. 

cardboard and hanger

hanger jute and clips

Using hot glue and tacky glue, I folded the cardboard in half over the twine loops and clipped it to dry. 

strings for hanging cardboard

Once the glue was dry I painted the cardboard with a white chalky paint. The paint I used was Folk Art Chalk Paint in Vintage White. 

painted white cardboard envelope

I painted only one coat because my next goal is to distress the cardboard. 

When the paint was dry I used a small craft sander to distress the edges of the cardboard. 

craft sander and distressed edges

Next, I used a Sharpie paint marker to draw envelope lines on the painted cardboard rectangle. 

envelope lines on cardboard envelope

The next step is to distress the cardboard even more. I used a brown ink pad and a soft brush to darken the edges of the cardboard envelope. 

stamp pad and brush on envelope

And lastly, I used a wooden heart that was spray painted with a textured spray paint for another project and hot glued it to the center of the envelope. I used a foam stamp brush and black ink to distress around the wooden heart. 

stamper and wooden heart

The last step is to tie the jute twine to the cup hooks. If you made loops they just hang over the cup hooks. I cut the loops so they could be tied at the length I wanted on the hanger. 

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hanger with cardboard love letter and overlay

This was an easy and fun vintage love letter project. 

hanging love letter and overlay


love letter on hanger on hooks


Vintage hanger with envelope on door

This is vintage, neutral, recycled, and Valentine's Day all in one!  

hanging letter with vintage hanger on door

It looks great hanging on the newly painted interior doors too! 

hanging envelope on pegs

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cardboard love letter on vintage hanger


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