Outdoor Mirrored Vintage Garden Window

Today I'm doing a little sprucing around the yard starting with the outdoor shed. 

If I'm being truthful I'd really like to repair the rotting wood and paint the shed but that's a huge job and I have to get the Mr. onboard first. 

So for now I'm giving my shed a quick little makeover starting with some vintage windows I had hung on the side. 

Take a look...


side of shed decor

The windows I had hung on the shed are very old and perfect for a garden setting but one of the windows, the one that actually had glass, was harboring bugs and leaf debris behind the glass and it wasn't a good look. 

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I found a solution on a video I saw recently. The gardener had a very old metal framed window and he gave it a mirrored effect. This would solve my icky bug problem for sure!

supplies for mirror effect

Now like I said, there were several panes of glass missing from my window which didn't really matter so I got to work by removing it from the shed. 

vintage window with panes of glass missing

I cleaned both sides of the window, and hosed it down. I had to clean the bugs and webs off the side of the shed as well. 

I made a mixture of half water and half white vinegar and sprayed it all over the back of the window panes. 

vintage window

Next, I sprayed three coats of Krylon Looking Glass spray paint over the water/vinegar solution. I worked outside so there was no dabbing required, the water dried up quickly.  Remember you are working on the back of the window. Don't worry because you are not going for perfection here. 

back of window with looking glass spray paint

After the third coat of Looking Glass I gave the panes two coats of black spray paint. 

black spray paint on back of window

And that was it! I got a vintage old mirrored look on the vintage window that is perfect for the garden! 

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mirrored window and overlay

I let the window dry then hung it back up on the shed. 

mirrored window with sign and bunting


I added a few signs and a flag bunting for the summer holidays and my shed window was finished. 

shed with decor

I almost wish the other window had glass in it too.  I am going to be on the lookout for small frames to add to the side of the shed with the same mirror effect. 

I just love mirrors in the garden! 

vintage window with mirrored panes


mirrored panes on vintage window

While I was having fun with the Looking Glass spray paint, I grabbed a couple of gold frames from the thrift store. I removed everything but the glass and did the same technique on the glass. 

vintage gold mirrors

This is so fun and easy I want to make a whole bunch more... and I probably will! 

mirrors and cloche

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gold DIY mirrors with overlay

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backyard shed with decor

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