American Flag from Repurposed Wall Art

Oops I did it again! I repurposed another old piece of wall art. 

I had a long horned bull picture that used to belong to my daughter hanging in the basement. It had faded and now it was a pink long horned bull. 

I knew I should hang on to it because one of these days I was going to repurpose this pink bull and today is that day! 

Take a look...


distressed stars and stripes flag

The best part of this faded piece of wall art was not only the large size but the ship lap looking stripes on this wooden canvas. 

faded bull wall art

Believe it or not, this piece was going to be perfect for a repurposed American flag! 

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This wall art originally came from Hobby Lobby and at the time they had a whole bunch of wall art on wooden shiplap style canvasses.  I bet they are easy to find in the thrift stores! 

wooden wall art back

The back of the art was all wood so this was going to be perfect for what I had in mind. 

I began by spray painting over the pink bull with a white matte spray paint. 

white canvas with spray paint

When the white paint dried I was ready to do some taping.

The good news was that I really only needed to tape off a rectangle for the blue field I was going to create. the stripes in the canvas were going to be perfect for the red and white stripes. 

taped off blue field

Once I taped off a triangle I used a blue craft paint to fill it in with 2 coats. 

blue field for flag

Now it was time to make stripes! 

I started with the white stripes and used Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Raw Silk. This would be the perfect off white color for my flag. It is actually my favorite color of white for just about everything

off white stripes and blue field

I painted every other stripe with the 2 coats of the off white. 

Next, I grabbed a dark red color I had leftover from a bunch of oops paint I bought a while back. 

I gave 2 coats to the stripes that were to be red. 

red stripes on flag

Not using tape worked out fine because there was a thin space between each stripe and with a steady hand I could paint within the lines easily. 

paintbrush and lines of red

I painted the stripes really close to the blue area then went back in later with a little more tape to mask off the blue area to get a straight line. 

masking blue area for stripes

Once my red, white and blue colors were dry it was time for the stars! 

red and white stripes

One of the (very loved) star pattern stencils I purchased in a set from Amazon fit almost perfectly in my blue field. 

star stencil

I used a small amount of the Raw Silk on a stencil brush and gave the stars a little color! 

star stencil with white stars

The stars turned out great and remember, if you have any mess ups just grab the blue paint and give the stars a quick fix! 

stars on a blue field

I used a fine grit sandpaper to sand down each stripe and around the edges to distress. 

distressed edges of flag

When the stars dried I used my favorite glaze stain called Transformations which I bought at Home Depot.

flag with gel stain

I just painted across the stripes and wiped off the gel leaving a beautiful vintage flag stain color! 

stained American flag

Lastly, I gave the flag a couple coats of an outdoor spray sealer to protect the flag from the elements. 

American flag hanging on the fence

That's it! 

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flag on fence with overlay

I turned the pink bull into a gorgeous flag for my backyard. 

picnic bench, umbrella and flag on fence


Want to hang something on your fence this summer? I've got the perfect solution for you! 

Flag on fence with hangers

This little area down by our fire pit has a new picnic bench and string lights on poles I put together last year. 

backyard with fire pit and American flag on fence

The flag just found a perfect home for the summer and I didn't have to buy a thing! 

wooden flag on fence


American flag with gel stain

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By the way these solar lights are amazing! They are bright and beautiful and they go on and off automatically! 

American flag on fence with solar lights

thank you


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