Outdoor Solar Lamp and Lighting Ideas

This is another fun solar light idea. I'm all about the beautiful solar lights on my deck this summer! 

If you haven't seen all the different ideas then just keep reading! 

Today's idea came from an unfortunate accident but I turned lemons into lemonade 🍋 and I'm enjoying the repurposed project on my deck this summer! 

Take a look....


outdoor deck with solar lights

So I have this puppy named Sam. Sam has been tearing up my home since I got him a year ago... but yes I see progress and yes I am in love with him!! 💗

Sam the dog

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One of Sam's most recent accidents involved the lamp in our living room. While he had what we call the "zoomies" he ran into the end table and knocked off the lamp. 

broken lamp with shade

The lamp which I thought may have been wood, was not. It shattered into several pieces. I glued the pieces together and they stayed nicely but the lamp was never the same. 

As I tried to figure out what I was going to do with the broken lamp I had an idea...

I removed all the wiring and the bulb holder from the lamp. 

top of lamp with wiring removed

Next, I grabbed a solar light from the Dollar Tree and removed the stem.  

solar lights

I used just the clear "bulb" part and hot glued it to the top of my lamp. 

top of lamp with solar light

That was it! It works just like a lightbulb! 

outdoor lamp with solar light

(By the way, the balance scale planter behind the lamp is not attached and not part of this project)

You can add a shade...

outdoor lamp with shade

The light at night is amazing without a shade...

light without a shade

or with one! 

outdoor light with shade

Now I was all about the solar lamp idea so I grabbed another vessel with a narrow opening. 

I stuck the whole solar light into the opening, stem and all. 

jug vase with solar light

I added a shade to the top and had the cutest little outdoor solar lamp! 

outdoor light shade top view

And yes, the sun can get to the solar panel even with the shade on! 

solar light with shade

These made the cutest outdoor solar light ideas ever! 

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solar lights on deck with overlay

And here is one more quick and easy solar light idea...

solar lights from dollar tree

I grabbed 2 solar lights and 2 candle holders from the Dollar Tree. 

glass candlesticks from dollar tree

I removed the top of each of the solar lights so I only had the round piece at the top. 

top of solar light

Using hot glue and a little E6000, I glued the top of the solar light to the top of the candle stick. 

candle sticks with solar lights

When the lights lit up it lit up the whole candlestick! 

solar candle sticks lit up

The result was a beautiful set of outdoor candlesticks for outdoor dining! 

These ideas couldn't be easier! 

planter with solar lights

I'll be adding these ideas to all the rest of the solar lighting ideas on my deck this summer... there are a bunch including these great solar string lights! You may also love the solar lights on this offset umbrella as much as I do too! 

deck with solar lights


So if you want a few beautiful ideas for your deck this summer, including this fun solar chandelier, just follow along! 

solar chandelier


solar light jars and flowers

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outdoor lamp with shade

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