DIY Wire Garden Cloches

I just love a cloche around anything! 

I've made so many through the years, each one just a little bit different than the next. 

Today while cleaning out the shed, I ran across a roll of wire fence. 

I was about to throw it in the garbage and then had an idea!

Take a look... 

bird on top of cloche top

What if I made a cloche with it?  I've seen some made from wire before and goodness knows I've made enough of my own already! 

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I am giving it a try today 2 ways and both came out adorable! 

First, I cut a length of wire fence using wire cutters. My first one was about 2' long. 

roll of wire fencing

I wrapped the wire around in a circle and used the cut ends to hold it together. 

fencing in a circle

I cut off all the pointed wire pieces that usually go into the ground. 

wire fence with cut ends

Next, I pushed and pulled the scalloped end of the wire to gather it at the top. 

gathered top of fenciing

I found a lid in my basement with a knob already on it so I loosened the screw and wrapped some wire around the screw so I could secure the lid to the top of the wire cloche. 

lid on top of wire

Once the top was secured I painted the wire cloche black with a black matte spray paint. 

cloche spray painted black

That's it and it looks adorable over a plant! 

cloche over planter

So then I thought why not make one with the scalloped edge on the bottom. 

I did all the same steps but pushed and pulled the pointed ends into a point at the top. You can see the scalloped edge of the fence is on the bottom this time. 

wire cloche with bird topper

I used a terra cotta saucer as my top. I attached it to the wire with a blob of contact cement. 

On the top I added a cute little bird as the knob. 

garden cloche with saucer and bird

I think I like this one even better! 

bird cloche over a plant

It also looks cute on a plant. 

bird wire cloche on plant

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garden cloche with overlay

If you didn't see the wire cloche I made from hardware cloth last year you can read all about it here. 

hardware cloche over a plant

Another fun cloche idea is to use an old lampshade

lampshade cloche with nest

And this cloche made from painted chicken wire! 

wire cloche with eggs


cloche with golden eggs

If you're a fan of Dollar Tree projects, this wire cloche from a trash can was very easy and looks great too! 

trash can cloche

This wine glass cloche is also perfect for displaying tiny items! 

wine glass cloche and others

Anyway you slice it, DIY cloches are easy and fun to make and make everything you put in them look amazing! 

wire cloche no a plant

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cloche over a tomato plant

thank you


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