Ten American Flag Inspired Projects for Summer

If you love American flag inspired projects like I do then follow along! 

I'm including 10 of my all time favorite flag projects in this post. 

When I say American flag inspired, I mean red, white and blue, stars & stripes and all of it! 

Take a look...


flag banner and bouys

A comment I often hear on Homeroad is "Why doesn't your flag have 13 stripes?" or " You know you don't have enough stars don't you?" or "Do you know the real flag is supposed to start with a red stripe on the top?".

Yes, I do know. 

That being said, I am a creative and my flag inspired projects mean no disrespect to the American flag with it's 13 stripes and 50 stars. My projects are just that... creative. 

red white and blue stripes

Sometimes all the stripes don't fit. Sometimes I only want one star. Sometimes my colors are a little bit off. 

flag with one star

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate every one of you and your kind comments. It shows you're paying attention 💖

stars on a flag

But once again I am a creative. My flag inspired projects are just that... flag inspired. 

red stripes

So follow along and please take a minute to visit the 10 flag inspired tutorials below by following the bold blue links to the projects. 

1. My most recent flag inspired project is the one I made for the fence in my yard. 

backyard with flag on fence

2. This one is one of my favorites Nautical American Flag Banner

stars and stripes banner

3. This banner is just that... Funky Flags! Funky Flag Banner for the Summer

scrap fabric banner

4. Don't ask me where all the corks came from... I'll never tell! Wine Cork Buoy Garland

red white and blue buoy garland

5.  This one took minutes to make and looks amazing... Flag Inspired Flower Basket

flag basket with flowers

6.  This was a fun idea and can be done with any napkin! American Flag Candle Craft

flag glitter candles

7. This one believe it or not came from the dollar store!  American Flag Pouch

flag pouch with flowers

8. This project was easy to make and I love it hanging in my home...   American Flag Hanging Canvas

flag canvas on a hanger

Please pin for later ---->>> 

flag pouch with overlay

9.  If you have enough ribbons and bows you can make this fun banner! Fourth of July Rag Garland

rag garland with cards

10. This old window never looked cuter! Chippy Window Flag

flag window on a fence


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thank you


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