DIY Outdoor Solar Lights

Don't you just love the look of solar lights at night?

I sure do but I'm not a fan of the cheap lights that just stick into the ground. 

I love to repurpose and I like my DIY solar lights with a bit of character. 

Today I'll show you how I turned the cheap $1 solar lights from the dollar store into something special! 

Solar lights are all over my patio and they make a beautiful light at night. 

collection of repurposed solar lights

Each of these lights were repurposed from something you might ordinarily use for a standard candle. 

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Also a $1 stake solar light from the dollar store. 

The lights come in black and silver. 

Here are similar on Amazon.

dollar store solar light

First up is the pretty glass with the mirrored designs. 

flower pot and candle light

I pulled off the black stick on the solar light and then cut off the connector at the bottom of the light. 

cutting solar light

I used E6000 to glue the light into the glass candle holder. 

mannequin and solar light

That mossy mannequin got a makeover too when it fell and a big chip broke off. 

These pretty Mason jar solar lights are so easy to make. 

blue mason jar solar lights and plant

The lights fit right inside the standard lid. 

blue mason jar with light

Once again I pulled off the black stick,  dropped the solar light into the top, and glued it with E6000. 

blue mason jar light at night

The blue Mason jars look especially pretty! 

I took apart an old candle lantern to make this next solar light. 

I removed the top and replaced it with the solar light minus the stick. 

lantern solar light

I glued the light right on top where the lid to the lantern used to be. 

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solar lights and overlay

All these lights look so pretty outside at night! 

outside lights from solar lights

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Next up is a little solar light glam...

I dropped a few drops of E6000 glue into the hole on these pretty crystal candlesticks then dropped the solar lights, without the stick, right into the holes. 

candle stick solar light

A little touch of glam for the deck! 

The pretty blue and white flower pot was from a set I ordered last summer. 

solar light collection on deck

This little cutie was a favorite all over the internet last year. 

solar light butterfly

This butterfly is made from black plastic hangers, zip ties and one solar light with the stick left on. 

You can make them in colors with different hangers too! 

This butterfly has been hanging on the fence throughout the seasons for a year now and still works! 

butterfly solar light at night

So if you're looking for a way to jazz up the dollar store solar lights, these great ideas are easy look great all summer! 


solar lights in the evening

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collection of solar lights



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