Determination and a Dresser

6:00:00 AM

My project today was more about patience and 
never giving up than it was about painting...

My very early Sunday morning began with an 
old dresser in the garage. 

My plan was to paint it because it was 
#1 in great shape 
and #2 a good size for someplace in my house...

Just not sure where it can possibly go because 
I'm quickly running out of room.

Unfortunately after I committed to this project, I realized that the veneer on the top was a mess.... a real mess!

 I Googled how to remove veneer... 
it looked easy enough....

I got out the iron and the wet towel (like they suggested) and I started steaming and scraping off the veneer....

Hmmm.... this wasn't as easy as it looked....

My veneer sure wasn't coming off in the large sheets 
pictured in the post I read...

But I stuck to it...

more steam, more scraping....

After a while I resorted to a hammer and a paint scraper...
I was determined to finish this project!

Thank Goodness only the top needed to be removed!

Finally, somewhere about 3 hours later... I was finished.

The dresser was now ready for paint...

Painting was the easy part...
I used Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint

Then waxed it with Johnson's furniture wax. 
It is less expensive than Annie Sloan's 
but I have to tell you, it smells!

So here's the finished dresser and it didn't take long for 
daughter #3 to lay claim to the newly finished beauty...

Where was she at 6 am when I was scraping the veneer? 

Enjoy it Kerry!

Did you ever try to take a picture in a really messy room?...
 It's all a matter of positioning yourself with the camera so the mess doesn't show in the mirror!


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  1. This turned out awesome! I really need to try that ASCP ... better jump on that bandwagon and get to painting!!

  2. Great job. I want to keep everything I make or redo and like you, I am running out of space!

  3. I would have snapped up that cute little dresser too. I had no idea you can remove vineer with an iron. Love your blog and I am now a follower.

  4. Oh that looks like A LOT of work but it sure turned out beautiful!

  5. Susan,

    You really had to work hard for that piece! But in the end it looks fabulous ... messy room and all!



  6. Way to persevere! It's not easy messing with that veneer, is it???

    It looks awesome!

  7. I think that's what I got for an anniversary gift last weekend, my husband removed some old veneer on a dresser. And I'm happy with that gift!


  8. I LOVE the little dresser! The color is awesome, but I've learned my lessons in the past and I always buy the more expensive paint, because the quality is much better and it saves a lot of time (also, it makes a lot less of a mess...) And about the veneer removal, you should be grateful it only took you 3 hrs - it's really a looooong and painful job....


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