Thursday, June 28, 2012

Woven Nautical Tray

This is exactly the kind of tray that might get overlooked 
at the thrift store. It was brown, stained, and pretty ugly.

But I saw the potential... 

I knew with a quick coat of chalk paint, 
this old wicker tray could have a new life...

It looked a little coastal to me, a perfect summer tray...

The extra large size was particularly appealing...

It just screamed summer to me...

I'm really glad I took a second look at this great find!




  1. You're right! That wicker does scream summer to me.

  2. Very lovely! Did you use a homemade chalk paint recipe, or did you use brand name paint? Either way, it turned out beautifully summery!
    (Found you through Chic on a Shoestring, btw)

  3. Cute, cute! I ♥ using trays Ü

  4. susan--I have a tray very similar! It's amazing what a little paint can do!

    super job girl!


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