Repurposed Lamp Bunny Figurine

Spring and Easter are still a while away but if you're a maker you might be ready to start creating! This little bunny was so fun to make using repurposed lamp parts...

lamp part bunny, plant and basket

I began with a few pieces of an old lamp I found on the side of the road. 

stainless lamp parts

The back story on the pretty lamps I found is not so pretty... I plugged one in and blew out the power in half my house and it cost me more than brand new lamps! 

Needless to say, the lamps were disassembled for a project just like this one! 

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I glued the pieces together, except the salt shaker top,  using Super Glue Gel. 

lamp parts

I primed the pieces with a spray primer. 

primed lamp parts

Next, I cut ears from painter's cloth.

Painter's cloth is my go-to fabric for many of my easy DIY projects.  

painter's cloth bunny ears

I used hot glue around the edges of the bunny ears then added a piece of rebar wire so the ears would stand up straight. 

I then stuffed the ears with pillow stuffing. 

stuffing ears

The 2 ears were glued together at the base with hot glue. 

No-sew projects are easy to make, I've made so many recently! 

stuffed bunny ears

I needed to close off the top of the hole in the lamp parts once I hot glued the ears inside so I used a salt shaker top to seal the ears in place.

I love just digging in the parts bin and finding pieces that work! 


salt shaker top to seal top

front of bunny ears

Next, I painted the bunny with Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk. 

fusion mineral paint and bunny

The color Raw Silk was similar to the color of the painter's cloth bunny ears. 

When the paint dried I tied a simple bow around the top of the bunny. 

flowers and bunny

pin button
bunny, flowers and overlay

I think he is just adorable and not too much!


flowers and bunny

I love the neutral look and the simple suggestion of an Easter bunny! 

bunny and flowers

In case you're missing a face, then by all means add one with a thin Sharpie marker! 

repurposed bunny with a face

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Easter bunny and flowers


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