Crocheted Kitchen Scrubbie

 I made a very interesting discovery today while visiting Hobby Lobby...

black kitchen scrubbie, scrubber and soap

I set out to buy cotton yarn for a cute dish cloth project I saw recently but had a quick change of heart while in the store. 

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I found this great yarn by Yarn Bee called Scrub-ology Scrub It! 

It is textured yarn that actually feels like a scrubber. 

yarn bee scrubbie yarn

You can find all kinds of similar yarns on Amazon. 

For sure this yarn must be made for just this project but since I've never heard of it before and I was thinking of making this from cotton yarn, I bought it to try.

I began by crocheting a chain stitch of 17 stitches with a size 8 crochet hook

chain stitch and first rows of simple crochet

I skipped the first stitch and began doing a single crochet stitch in the rest of the row. 

black scrubbie yarn in rows

I made one extra chain stitch at the end and worked my way back in the other direction. 

If you are a crocheter you'll know this simple stitch. 

crocheting into second stitch

If you don't crochet but want to learn I suggest this video on YouTube because my directions are hard to explain in a post. 

pulling yarn through the stitch

crochet stitch

I went back and forth until the dish cloth was the size I wanted it to be. 

finished stitch

To finish it off I made another 10 chain stitches and tied it off to create a loop on the corner of the dish cloth. 

10 chain stitch hook

The cloth can be used open or folded in half or quarters. 

soap and folded scrubbie

This yarn works great scrubbing dishes and pots and pans! 

black scrubbie and soap

I made a smaller round one while I was at it by using the same single crochet with a chain stitch after each stitch going round and round.

Hang it by the loop to dry! 

round scrubbie hanging in sink

See that Kitty, she's always watching... keep an eye out in my posts for her! 


scrubber and black scrubbie

I also think this would make a great exfoliator for the shower too so I'm making a few more!

bathroom toiletries

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scrubbie pin

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soap, scrubbie and folded crocheted scrubbie


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