Baking Soda Painted Vase

Recently we had several bouquets of flowers delivered in those standard clear glass vases you see all over the thrift stores. Most of these will be donated but I saved the best one to repurpose! 


Here is the one I thought had the most style. 

clear glass vase

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flower arrangement

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I began with about a cup of Fusion Mineral Paint in Bayberry. 

paint with baking soda

You can use just about any kind of paint for this project. 

I added about 2 tbsp of baking soda to the paint and mixed it thoroughly. 

I gave the vase a light first coat and let it dry.

glass jar half painted with green

The baking soda gives the paint a very fine texture. 

green vase and paint


The inside of the vase got painted just as far as you can see into the top so the vase could still hold water for flowers. 

inside of vase painted green

looking into the vase

Next, I gave the vase a second coat painted in a different direction. 

I painted on one more coat back in the first direction to layer the texture on the vase. 

green textured paint

When the vase was completely dry I made a beaded necklace with a jute tassel on the end and tied it around the neck of the vase. 

beaded tassel

That plain old glass vase now looks like ceramic and I love it! 

green vase with wooden beads

green vase with beaded necklace

I filled the vase with silver dollar eucalyptus I hung upside down and dried from one of the flower bouquets.

See another vase I made with a dot chenille pattern a while back. 

accordion hanger with hanging items and green vase

pin button
green vase with beads and overlay

table with green vase and hanging boards

The beautiful green color looks great in my new kitchen and this project was super quick and easy to do! 


green vase with beads and love sign

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Sadly we had to say goodbye to my father this month. He was an incredibly strong and brave man who fought cancer for many years. 

He left a big hole in our family and he will be dearly missed.

dad and me




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