Spring Embroidery Hoop Project

Good morning friends!  Spring is on the way, I am hopeful! Homeroad is located in the north east US and we've had a very cold winter! Here's a quick and easy project that will get you ready for Spring! 

messy bow and beads

I began with an easy to find 12" embroidery hoop and a sheet of heavy paper

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I drew a circle on the paper by tracing the outside of the embroidery hoop. 

Make sure you're tracing on the outside not the inside of the circle. 

embroidery hoop on paper

Now, time to stencil...

stenciled truck

I found these cute Easter stencils on Amazon and chose the one with the truck for this project. 

They were a good price and came with a bunch of great stencils!

I stenciled the truck onto the center of the circle then cut it out. 

stenciled paper cut out

Next, I attached the stenciled paper circle to the hoop with hot glue. 

I lightly sanded the edges to smooth them clean. 

stenciled circle glued to hoop

I hot glued a cute little pom-pom ribbon around the outside of the hoop then added a messy bow to the top. 

pom pom trim on sign

I made a wire hanger using rebar wire and wooden beads to hang the hoop on a wreath or the wall. 

messy bow and beads

Lastly, I added a DIY stuffed carrot to the top of the truck stencil with hot glue. 

Follow the bold blue to see the carrot DIY. 

stuffed carrot on truck sign

I thought the carrot added just the right 3D dimension to my sign. 

hanging spring market sign

This was a quick and easy project that can be done on any size embroidery hoop. 

It can actually be made for any holiday! 

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Hanging hoop sign with overlay

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hoop sign with messy bow and beads



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