Paper Heart Garland

Here is an easy heart garland project that is a cinch to make if you have a vinyl cutter, a heart hole punch, or you just like to cut hearts! You'll be glad you did! 

trifold heart garland on jute

First I used my Cricut Joy to cut 2" hearts from 3 different colors of card stock

Cricut cutting hearts

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You can also use a heart paper punch that is about the same size. 

red heart card stock

Once all my hearts were cut, I folded each heart in half. 

card stock hearts

You will also need some kind of string, I used red and white baker's twine in 6" pieces. 

folded hearts and baker's twine

I glued 2 hearts together on one side of the fold using hot glue. 

2 sides of heart glued together

Next, I added the twine with a knot in the center so the open ends of the twine were sticking out the top of the heart. 

2 folded hearts with twine in between

I then glued on the 3rd heart. 

heart with twine ends on top

This forms a triangle heart with twine sticking out the top and a knot at the bottom. 

valentine hearts with baker's twine

heart garland with card stock

Once all my hearts were finished I tied each one to a length of jute twine with a knot. 

hanging hearts on jute twine

You can use ribbon at this point but I like the look of the jute. 

So easy and you only use 1/2 a piece of card stock in each color. 

garland and basket

It reminds me of a heart garland and wreath I made with my PreK class a few years ago. 

paper heart ornament

Speaking of colors, I love neutrals so I made another garland using off white, light grey, and a dark red hearts. 

Neutral folded hearts and string

For this garland I used a cotton twine that was about 8" long so I could tie the heart to my jute with a large bow. 

grey, white and red hearts with cotton string

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book page garland and heart garland

I added the heart garland to the hook shelf in my office along with a book page garland I made several years ago. 

hook rack with garland and shelves

Paper hearts and heart garlands are so easy and inexpensive to make and I love the organic look rather than the hot pink and glitter decorations. 

pin button
heart garland, basket and overlay

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book page garland and heart garland

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paper heart garland and twine


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