Scrapbook Paper Mixed Media Hearts

I've wanted to make a mixed media project for a while now so when my sister sent me a photo of hearts she loved, I had a great idea! 

4 mixed media hearts


These hearts are made with scrapbook paper, assorted craft supplies, and cardboard. 

heart supplies

Since my sister loved them so much I am going to send them to her for her upcoming birthday! 

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I began by cutting out 3" scrapbook paper hearts using my Cricut Joy. 

Cricut joy

If you don't have a Cricut, you can also use a 3" hole punch or just cut the hearts out freehand... it's more work but saves money! 

hearts cut out with Cricut joy


Once I had the scrapbook hearts cut out, I traced one onto a piece of cardboard. 

heart traced on cardboard

Then I cut out the cardboard heart. 

cutting cardboard heart

The scrap book paper gets glued to both sides of the cardboard heart with a glue stick. 

Now it was time to decorate! 

I gathered everything I could find to decorate my hearts, washi paper, gold stickers and ribbon. 

I tried to color coordinate all the colored paper and craft supplies so all the hearts would look like a set when I was finished. 

tape and paper on heart shape

I added the tape, stickers, ribbon, and decorations in all different directions to add interest. 

When I had the hearts just the way I wanted them, I trimmed and then sanded the edges of the hearts to make them smooth. 

heart with collage paper

Lastly, I used a Distressed Ink pad around all the edges of the heart to make the hearts look stained and antiqued. 

distressed ink on heart edges

pin button
hearts and overlay

mixed hearts and overlay

I think they turned out great!

Heart with scrap book paper and stickers

I love that every one of the hearts is different! 

heart bag and paper hearts

Now I'll send these cuties off to my sister for her birthday, I know she will love them! 

scrap book hearts

Little draw string bags like these are perfect to make these an awesome little gift for Valentine's Day. 

paper. hearts and draw string bag

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2 rows of paper hearts


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