Simple Paper Bag Hearts

Here is a simple heart project using recycled paper bags of any kind or color. No special tools are required and they look amazing...

hook rack with hanging hearts and kitchen accessories

Just about all you need for this project is a paper bag. 

dollar tree paper bag

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I cut the front off the bag and folded it several times. 

cut hearts with scissors

I cut hearts on the fold. 

Don't worry about wrinkles in the paper, as a matter of fact you could scrunch up the paper and make a textured heart. 

Next, I used a piece of scrap book paper, this could also be a decorative napkin, a recycled gift bag, or a repurposed card. 

floral paper and heart pattern

I cut a smaller heart from the decorative paper and glued it to the front of a brown paper heart. 

floral heart on paper bag heart

stack of paper hearts

Next, I stuffed the heart with just a tiny bit of pillow stuffing. 

stuffed paper heart

I began at the top and hot glued a small piece of jute twine and glued the top closed. 

With the stuffing in the center of the heart I went around the rest of the heart with the hot glue to close it completely. 

2 stuffed hearts

Lastly, I used pinking shear to go around the edge of the heart to make a decorative edging. 

This can be done with any kind of decorative scissors. 

paper heart hanging on hooks

It couldn't be easier!! 

No cost, no special tools, and it takes minutes to complete! 

hook rack in kitchen with hearts and cutting boards

They look great hanging in my kitchen on the hook rack with the paper heart garland I made earlier. 

hearts hanging on hook rack


pin button
paper heart decor pin

What a great way to recycle those paper bags we are paying 5 cents for now!! 

cutting board, towel and paper heart

Attach the hearts to gifts for Valentine's Day! 

paper heart with overlay

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paper heart with flowers



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