Vintage Jello Mold Centerpiece for Easter

       I'm excited to share a new project made
using parts from a project I've made before. 

Vintage Jello Mold Centerpiece for Easter
Several years ago I made an office organizer using vintage jello cups and an old board.
For this project, I began with a very chippy board from my workshop. The chippier the better! 
Chippy wood, reclaimed wood, Easter decoration, Easter centerpiece
found it on the beach a while back, it may have even been part of a boat after the hurricane we had here. 

I love all the chippiness but I wanted to wax the piece so the chips wouldn't get all over my house. I used a white wax by Miss Mustard Seed then buffed it with an old shoe shine brush. 
The next step was similar to the speckled egg bowl I made recently. I used a blue spray stain then rubbed it into the white wax to give my chippy board a blueish tint. 
Vintage Jello Mold DIY Centerpiece for Easter
Next, I attach the jello cups to the board by screwing through the holes I had drilled in the bottom of the cups.  
I filled each cup with crinkled brown craft paper.
Jello Mold Centerpiece for Easter
I added faux flowers around the cups with a few drops of hot glue.
Chippy Wood Jello Mold Centerpiece for Easter
When it was finished I filled the cups with speckled eggs
My chippy Spring table centerpiece was now ready for the Easter table. 
DIY Chippy Wood Jello Mold Centerpiece for Easter
And... I realized that this chippy board fit perfectly inside this metal basket on my coffee table too. 
DIY Chippy Wood Centerpiece for Easter
DIY Chippy Wood Nest Centerpiece for Easter
These cute little chocolate bunny molds look right at home here too.
Chippy Wood Nest Centerpiece for Easter

Happy Spring! 
Please visit Cindy from Country Road 407 who also made an adorable jello cup centerpiece as part of a group Pinterest Challenge. You'll love all the centerpiece inspiration there! 

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