Rusty Spring Decorating

Rusty Springs, my new favorite decorating prop for Christmas! Grab yourself some rusty springs and see what I mean! ...

pinecone on spring with overlay

This is a repost from several years ago when I came across some gorgeous rusty springs and put them to use at Christmas time. 

I'll admit climbing into that dumpster was not the smartest thing I've ever done, but I healed! 

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collage of rusty springs in Christmas decorating

These crazy rusty springs made my Christmas decorations look even better!

You can use E6000 to glue your ornaments to the top of the springs or just set them on top. 

rusty spring

My Santos ornament stands tall on top of a rusty spring.

santos on rusty spring

A wooden candy cane looks even yummier on a rusty spring! 

candy cane on rusty spring

Even a simple painted pinecone looks better!

Sprinkle the pinecone with a dusting of fine white glitter and you've got a snow covered treasure for next to nothing! 

white pinecone on rusty spring

This Santa with the rounded bottom that never really stood up straight is so much happier now!

Santa on rusty spring with pine cone

And how about that St. Nicholas that couldn't stand on his own at all?

The rusty springs not only look great but solve a lot of problems! 😂

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vintage Santa in rusty spring

Even a simple topiary ball looks amazing atop a rusty spring.

topiary ball on rusty spring

See what I mean? 

A new perspective for all of my old Christmas favorites!

Rusty springs also made great topiaries for the Spring! 

collage of rusty spring decorations with overlay

pin button

rusty spring pin

Now you know!

collage of Christmas ideas with overlay

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