Beautiful Coastal Starfish Projects

I'm already loving the beach this summer so when
I found this bag of starfish I was all about the coastal decor. 

Grapevine wreath with starfish

There was a lot of thought given to the fact that these starfish might be real or fake... You can read about the project that made my decision here. 

DIY summer starfish projects

I was busy as a bee in my workshop making fun starfish projects for days. 

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The first one started with a small canvas made of pallet wood. I painted it light blue and gave it a white dry brush technique over the top. 

I attached the starfish with E6000 glue

DIY Pallet starfish decor

Another starfish project was similar only I used reclaimed wood from an old wire spool. 

Almost as cool as the starfish is the center of the wire spool... I've just got to find something do with this!

Empire wire company wooden spool

I used hemp oil to condition the already beautiful wood then glued the starfish in place once again with E6000 glue

Round starfish plaques on reclaimed wood

This project was just as quick and easy, I glued the starfish to a small grapevine wreath then attached the mesh bag the starfish came in as the bow. 

starfish grapevine wreath with net bow

Another starfish project began with part of an old piece of furniture. I cut the leg off at an angle then glued on the starfish. 

Using hot glue I added small shells and sea glass then tied on a nautical knot with cotton rope

starfish with small beach shells

These were all quick and easy projects that create a whole lot of coastal charm this summer. 

Summer projects using shells and starfish

If you missed the starfish photo holders please take a look at them here

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