How to Make a Starfish Nautical Photo Display

These starfish are amazing!

DIY starfish projects

I recently received a gift card from a fancy gift shop in town. 

After about half an hour in the store I finally found something I wanted to buy that wasn't too fancy.... a big bag of large starfish. 

Now I will admit, I had and still have, a very hard time deciding if these are real or not. The detail on the front and the back of the starfish leads me to believe they are real but they are very light. I'm going to guess they are not real but whoever made them did a fantastic job!

While I'm writing this post my dog jumped up and ran off with one of the starfish so now I'm definitely going to have to say real!

Starfish photo display with bow

I have a few ideas for starfish projects so stay tuned but for now I glued the starfish to these clip stands I had in my junk box. 

starfish photo display with a stand and clip

This idea was a little brilliant if I do say so myself because you can clip a family beach picture to the back and it looks just gorgeous!

How to create a photo display using a starfish

If you don't happen to have a beach photo, an old sepia photo of a family you don't know works just as well. 

DIY photo display using starfish

nautical starfish photo display

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