Outdoor Furniture and a Really Gross Story

It is not often I put something out to the curb, I usually am picking things up from the side of the road but today was different!

Outdoor furniture set

Recently we put up a new gazebo and after making curtains for it, we bought new deck furniture.  

My plan was to give the old furniture to my daughter. 

Keter outdoor furniture

This is a pretty disgusting story so read the rest with only one eye open!

The old set {pictured below} sat down on the lawn for a few weeks until we could bring it over to my daughter's house. 

Old metal deck furniture

When the time came to move the pieces, I squeezed 2 of these chairs into my brand new car. 

I had to re-arrange several times before I got them both in without scratching anything. 

Metal deck furniture with blue cushions

I closed the trunk and opened the driver's door only to see a parade of earwigs climbing out of one of the chairs... 

inside my new car!!! 

I'd show you photos but I wasn't thinking blog photos at the moment. 

In case you don't know...this is an earwig. Very roach-like.


Ugh! I can hardly look at it!

I was screaming and pulling chairs out of my car as fast as I could. 

As soon as the chairs hit the driveway earwigs were everywhere!

Suddenly hundreds, yes I said hundreds, of earwigs started pouring out of the chairs! 

They apparently made nests in the in the legs. 

The ground was alive with earwigs and I was screaming and stepping on them like a crazy lady! 

I grabbed a can of bug spray and a sprayer of bleach and with one in each hand, sprayed both into every hole in both chairs.

Old outdoor deck furniture

Finally after a few minutes the bug spray or maybe the bleach, took effect. 

The earwigs stopped moving and the nightmare was over. 

My skin is still crawling as I write this story!

It was disgusting!!

Needless to say, in case there is even one earwig still alive in there, those chairs are no longer going to my daughter's house... they went straight to the curb!

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