Easy Vintage Tool Photo Display

Today I found a great project just cleaning out the garage.

industrial photo display

My find of the day was an old hammer head with no handle. 

Come on, you know you would have just chucked it...

industrial hammer head photo display

But not me... I used it. 

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I added small magnets to the back of some porcelain number tags with E6000 glue.

magnets on tags hold photos to hammer head

And that's all. 

Instant photo display.

photo display with glass numbers

Not sure who this guy is... supposedly a long lost relative of mine. I use his picture a lot in my displays, it's a cool pic. 

*update... Thanks to my mother... This is my great, great Grandfather. 

magnetic number hammerhead photo display

The hammer head can be displayed up or down.

Vintage Hammer head and magnets photo display

Magnetic hammer head photo display

Those foxy ladies are my grandmother and her sisters. I love this photo too!

Vintage family photo display

And this handsome guy is my grandfather. 

Next time before you throw it out, think about how perfect it might be given a new life. 

What started out as a garage clean out turned out to be a great chance to give an old piece a new life and take a walk down memory lane. 

Magnetic photo display on an old hutch



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