Seasonal Scrabble Tile Signs

These signs are a combination of 2 different 
thrift store finds. 

scrabble sign with star

First off is one of my favorite things to collect... vintage Scrabble tiles.

My friend Thea at Rosie's Vintage collected these for me. 

If you are local and haven't checked out Rosie's Vintage yet, you're in for a treat! 

A whole old house filled with vintage finds. Mid-century treasures galore!

Vintage scrabble letters for crafts

Another fun find was this pile of seasonal hanging decorations. 

They must have once been part of a sign where you could switch the ornament for each holiday but now they're mine and I have a new idea!

Painted seasonal ornaments

I removed all the eye hooks on these pieces and attached them to scrabble boards along with Scrabble letters that spelled out each holiday with wood glue. 

I painted some of the Scrabble racks red then heavily distressed them. 

Others I left in the original wood finish. 

summer sign with watermelon

ladybug  summer scrabble sign

christmas sign with tree

This extra long holiday word was glued to another heavier piece of wood I cut to size and painted. 

thanksgiving sign with turkey

Right now I'm waiting on more Scrabble racks I ordered from Ebay so the rest of the holidays are on hold. 

Mini sign supplies

Aren't they fun? 

Fun with Vintage Scrabble Tiles

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