Green Bakelite Domino Ornaments

I was out searching the antique store for something
that would make great Christmas ornaments...

DIY Green domino christmas ornaments

and BINGO! I mean DOMINO! Green Dominoes!

repurposed green dominoes for christmas ornaments

Perfect for Christmas!

I snatched those babies up in a second and headed home.

My guess is that they are bakelite. The dominoes are very hard and because of their age and the psychedelic design on the box, I'm guessing bakelite.  

My daughter is a little mad at me for making these into ornaments... she loves them and thought they'd be great for playing the game... like she knows how to play Dominoes?? No... LOL

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I headed to the basement and drilled tiny holes in both ends of the dominoes. The drill bit I used is for drilling tile. I used my Grandfather's old vice to hold the dominoes then flipped them over to drill the other end. 

Bakelite dominoes get holes for ornaments

Once all the holes were drilled I screwed in tiny screw eyes on one end. I secured the screw with E6000 glue

Hanging from each screw eye I hung a string of 3 glass crystals. You can read about these repurposed crystals here.

Making ornaments with green dominoes

On the other end of the domino I glued a Christmas ornament hanger and a silver bead into the hole. 

Green domino Christmas ornament with crystal bling

These domino ornaments are just about as cute as can be and are sure to be a hit at my local Christmas craft fair. 

If you'd like to grab a few for yourself, visit my Etsy Shop. I am selling them in a set of 3 for discounted shipping!

Green Domino ornaments on a tree

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  1. Love these! The green color is awesome! What a find!

  2. Again another great idea - I love all this fun stuff you make it's very creative and simple.


  3. What a lovely idea, and I fail in love with the green color.


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