Easy DIY Scrabble Drink Coasters

Christmas this year I had a lot of tiles left over. 

Easy DIY Scrabble Drink Coasters

This project was totally inspired by the many tiles I had left. 

Easy DIY Scrabble Drink Coasters from leftover Scrabble tiles

Some tiles are vintage and some are new but they all look great on a coaster. 

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I purchased a large piece of thin cork. 

If I were to do this project again I might get thicker cork because as much as this cork was easy to cut, it was fragile. 

Here is a link to coaster cork made especially for coasters 

I began by searching through the pile for garden words.

I glued them onto the cork using wood glue then randomly added letters between the words. 

When I had finished a set of 4 I did the same with beach words.

Easy DIY Scrabble Drink Coasters from leftover  tiles

The fun part of these coasters is finding words that weren't even meant to be there! 

Coasters using vintage scrabble tiles

Beach themed Scrabble tile Coasters

When all the coasters were finished I laid them out on a sheet of parchment paper and sprayed them with a couple of coats of Triple Thick Clear Glaze to protect the tiles from stains. 

Beach themed Scrabble tile Coasters with Triple thick clear glaze

The sealer changed the color of the tiles which made them even nicer looking!

Scrabble tile Coasters with a sealer

I tied them together in stacks of 4 coasters, one beach themed and one garden themed. 

Set of 4 Scrabble Tile coasters

They make a great gift and I'm adding them to the Homeroad Etsy Shop! SOLD

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