Broken Table Furniture Repurposing Ideas

Today I'm showing you how much fun it can be to use broken tables to create something new for your home!

Repurposed and Broken Table

If you've been visiting for a while you know how much I love to create something new from old parts. 

Like the time I used an old clock and a broken pie crust table to create a unique new side table

Broken table and clock face

Broken pieces of old tables have a lot of fine detail so using them for something new like this gorgeous wall shelf is a great idea.

Piece of table with small wreath

Using legs from the same table I was able to create a narrow sofa table perfect for a narrow space.

narrow table made from piano piece

When all you have is half of a table top, why not create a rustic hook sign? The wood was the perfect shape!

Red antiques hook sign

And last but not least when the base of a broken table just screams to be repurposed this message center chalkboard is perfect.

chalkboard from broken table

Thanks for visiting! 

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