High School Student's Repurposed Projects

I am sure you are just as excited as I was to see 
the final Flea Market Flip projects done by the students. 

High School Student's Repurposed Projects foot stool

If you missed the story about how I was lucky enough to get involved with this High School Flea Market Flip class,

High School Student's Repurposed Projects foot stool

Each of the students choosing this class were asked to bring in a project to repurpose. They had a week to take it from the before to the after. They were also required to write a blog post or a tutorial of some kind showing the steps and materials that brought them to the finished project. 

Today was judging day and each student had an Ipad next to their project displaying the tutorial.

High School Student's Repurposed Projects foot stool ipad tutorial

The students put a price on their project based on how much they spent and how much they thought they could sell it for. 

Every single project was amazing! The kids were so excited to come to class and get right to work; their final project showed their amazing efforts. 

As you can see from the projects below they are all going to be future repurposing artists.

High School Student's Repurposed finished projects
Earring holder, table, painted chair, chalkboard, jute covered vase, cushioned bench, chalkboard, shelving,
wall vases. 

High School Student's Repurposed finished diy projects
Bulletin board, globe light, foot stool, pedestal dish, crate shelves, chalkboard, hooks, jewelry box, dog bowl. 

Painting, sanding, drilling, gluing, marketing, and just plain creativity was an elective in this school for one week. 

High School Student's Repurposed dog bed project
Dog bed made from metal gate piece

In the end students from throughout the school were asked to come by and vote for the project they liked best. They put a ticket into a small cup next to the project of their choice. The student with the most votes wins an Amazon gift card. 

High School Student's Repurposed dog feeder project

This should be an elective in every school! 
What do you think? 

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