Galvanized Steel Bin Organizer

This galvanized steel bin was a great garage sale find. 

Galvanized Steel Footed Bin

After giving it a good scrubbing I wanted to give it a new life.

It was great as it was but I wanted to bring it into the kitchen and use it during family parties. 

I started by adding painted wooden knobs to the bottom. 

I drilled holes through the steel and screwed them on from the top. 

Galvanized Steel Footed Bin plate caddie

I put a decorative liner inside to hide the screws and to give the bin a cleaner look. 

DIY Galvanized Steel Footed Bin plate caddie

Now this vintage bin doesn't look like it should be holding hardware anymore...

Galvanized steel bin with wooden feet

it is now a unique place to hold plates and silverware. 

Tabletop galvanized steel plate caddie

If you like the recycled tin can silverware caddie inside the bin, you can read all about it here.

DIY Tabletop galvanized steel plate caddie

This bin would also be great used to hold fruits and vegetables in the kitchen too. 

I'm so proud to announce that this project 
was chosen to be in the Spring 2019 edition of
Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Magazine!

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