How to Stencil a Chalkboard Menu

I've had a beautiful chalkboard in my collection for
a long time now and in the spirit of finishing what I started this New Year, today I gave it a makeover!

How to Stencil a Chalkboard Menu

This makeover was simple!

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I used my Silhouette vinyl cutter to cut a stencil that says MENU. I purchased this design from the thousands they have available in the Silhouette store. 

I'm using Oracle 813 stencil film, I'm using it a lot lately for stenciling and I find it works great! 

How to DIY Stencil a Chalkboard Menu

After weeding out the letters on the stencil I attached it to the chalkboard.  I stenciled using a flat stencil brush in a pouncing motion which prevents leaking under the stencil. 

How to Stencil a Chalkboard Menu with stenciling tips

I was sure to use a dry brush by off loading some of the paint onto a scrap piece of wood. (I learned this technique from my friend Donna at Funky Junk Interiors)

How to Stencil a Chalkboard Menu with dry brush stenciling tips

I waited just a few minutes for the paint to slightly dry then peeled off the stencil. 

This was an easy update to this chalkboard and one that gives this chalkboard a new purpose in no time.

Chalkboard stenciled menu update



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