How to Clean a Patio Umbrella

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Did you know you can clean your patio umbrella?

Cleaning a Patio Umbrella

Well, you can!!

I was planning on buying a new umbrella for the patio this year when my husband asked me why I didn't just clean the one we had.???

Really? Is that a thing? This post is for those of you that also had no clue you could wash your patio umbrella. 

It seems the top finial unscrews...?? 

I unscrewed the finial and while it was off I cleaned it up with a coat of spray paint. 

Cleaning a Patio Umbrella Finial

Next, I removed the umbrella fabric from the frame. 

Patio umbrella frame and cleaning the fabric

This was simple so far...

I threw the fabric into the washing machine. 

The fabric washed up very nicely except for a few spots which I spot cleaned when it was wet then put the wet fabric back on the frame. 

It looks a little darker in these photos because it is still wet. ☔️

How to clean a patio umbrella

Wow! Just like new!

While I was at it I added an easy to install remote-controlled LED umbrella light which looks gorgeous at night! 

The best part is that it has a remote to turn it on and off!

LED patio umbrella light

I've always had a problem with my umbrella tipping a little because the hole in the table is much bigger than the pole. 

I thought I had a great invention but it seems that someone else has already invented a piece that fits in the hole. (affiliate link)

Make the patio table hole fit the umbrella pole

I did the next best thing and cut a small piece of foam from the stuff that insulates the pipes in the basement. (affiliate link) 

It fit around the umbrella pole and keeps the umbrella snug in the hole. 

Cleaning a patio umbrella

My umbrella looks great and now I have the money I would have spent on a new umbrella to spend on something else! 💰


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