Farmhouse Style Wall Mantel

I've been in search of a wall mantel for a long time. 

Farmhouse Style Wall Mantel

I just hadn't been able to find what I was looking for until now. 

I ran across someone selling a wall mantel on a local site and it was the right price and size, but the wrong color. 

DIY Farmhouse Style Wall Mantel

So I did what any DIYer would do... I painted it. 

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I used a base coat of Chalk Paint® in french linen I had leftover from another project then used Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint in linen white to go over the grey color. I wanted to be able to distress the white and have the darker grey show through when I sanded. 

Repainted DIY Farmhouse Style Wall Mantel

Repainted Farmhouse Style Wall Mantel

When all was dry I distressed heavily with a fine grit sand paper.

The new mantel was just what I was looking for and it cost me $8 and a tiny bit of paint!

Farmhouse Styled Wall Mantel

Farmhouse Styled Wall Mantel with tobacco basket



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