The Never Ending Kitchen Soap Dispenser

Today one of my biggest kitchen pet peeves is solved!

Stainless steel sink dispenser

That would be the built in soap dispenser that comes with the sink.

Built in kitchen sink soap dispenser

Yep, this guy. 

The dispenser came with a very small plastic soap bottle attached under the sink where you can barely reach it and it needs to be refilled way too often. 

So often in fact that I started using a counter top soap dispenser instead. 

Today I found the solution I was looking for at Remodelando la Casa

Cristina gives step by step directions, which I followed and solved my problem! 

Dawn soap and a tube

All I'm going to say on this one is that it is the solution of my dreams. 

Dawn gallon soap under the sink

Under sink bottle hanger

And if you're interested in this cabinet door spray bottle organizer you can read about it {here}. It's one of my most popular pins

Sink with mug rack in background

I will just tell you how happy I am about it. 

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dawn gallon of soap with overlay

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