Best Way to Anchor a Gazebo Without Damaging the Deck

This spring we put a new deck onto the back of our house.

New decking Trex for durability and beauty

This time around we went with Trex decking. It is a man-made product that will last as long as we need it and looks gorgeous!

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New deck and outdoor furniture

Only problem was that neither my husband or I were too keen on screwing our gazebo into the new decking. 

How do you attach a gazebo to the deck with no damage to the deck? 

Want to read about cleaning your patio umbrella... I can tell you how I did mine!

We were looking for a solution that will hold down the gazebo we built without damaging the deck. 

Solution for weighing down the gazebo
That's when I thought about all the beautiful pots I saw earlier in the week at Tuesday Morning. 

I brought home 4 pots in grey that match the decking and stuck each leg of the gazebo into a pot. 

Ceramic pot Solution for weighing down the gazebo
Next we filled the pot with bricks. The legs of the gazebo have a little lip on them that is held to the bottom of the pot with the bricks. 

Ceramic pot Solution with bricks for weighing down the gazebo
I filled each pot with potting soil then planted pansies in each pot. 

Pots filled with pansies to weigh down the gazebo

gazebo anchor planter
We had a couple of pretty windy days lately and I'm happy to report that the gazebo stayed put and the pots look beautiful!

Outdoor decking and a solution for weighing down the gazebo



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  1. What a great idea Susan !!! I love how you styled your new deck..the pops of yellow look great!!!!

  2. what kind of gazebo is it?


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