Make a Rustic Tray For Summer Entertaining

I am really ready for summer and a private beach!

Make a Rustic Summer Crate Tray

Today I'm doing what anyone who is fed up with cold weather and damp rainy days would do...

I'm going down to the workshop and dreaming of summer!

I began by building a simple wooden crate from reclaimed wood.

DIY rustic pallet tray

I painted it white using a white Chalked Paint by Rust-Oleum.

Once the paint dried I used one of my very favorite beach stencils from Old Sign Stencils

Private Beach Stencil from Old Sign Stencils

Make a Rustic Tray For Summer Entertaining

I stenciled the private beach stencil onto both sides of the crate using the leftovers from 2 bottles of navy blue craft paint and a small paint roller

Blue craft paint and a roller stencil

When the stencil was dry I distressed the crate with an electric sander then added large black handles to each end. 

Make a Rustic Tray For patio Entertaining

I sealed the crate with a with a matte finish spray sealer and I'm ready for summer. 

Make a Rustic Tray For summer patio Entertaining

If I close my eyes I can imagine using this beautiful rustic crate to carry beverages out to the deck in the warm sunshine. 

Make a Rustic Tray For summer patio dinners

Visit Old Sign Stencils to see so many great stencils in
all shapes and sizes! Old Sign Stencils are perfect for your next summer, lake, cabin, or decorative needs!



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