Recycled Aluminum Can Organizer

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This is one of the quickest, easiest and most cost effective 
recycled projects yet. 

Recycled Aluminum Can Organizer

I save aluminum cans and glass jars whenever I can. They make great storage containers, like the jars in my kitchen and they're free. 

Today I made a quick recycled project for my workshop with a few of the aluminum cans I was saving. 

I'm adding Amazon affiliate links so you can find the products I used at 
no additional cost to you. 

Recycled Tin Can Organizer

I started out by painting an old cutting board. You can also use a length of reclaimed wood. 

I drilled a hole into the center of each of the three aluminum cans and screwed them to the board. 

Recycled Tin Can Organizer for the Workshop

That's it, you're done!

Now imagine it with more cans on a longer board... or hung vertically on the wall with the cans attached on the side.... or with decorated or painted cans... The ideas are endless and the project is simple and environmentally friendly!

You can use a labeler and add labels to the cans or leave them as they are. 

A great free organizer for the workshop!

Tin Can Organizer for the Workshop

A quick and easy project that costs nothing and can be finished in minutes!


You can check out another one of my 


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  1. OK, Susan, now this is getting weird: fist we both posted about our Target finds and literally today I am working on making birdhouses out of cans with a method very similar to the one you used for your organizer. The only difference is that I'll spray paint the cans bright colors before screwing them to the boards. I saw tin can birdhouses in the UK and photographed them to make for gifts this Spring. I'll post photos on my blog when they're done. We can copy each others "tin can projects"! Keep the great ideas coming! Cheryl

    1. Well you know what they say... great minds think alike! I like your style. I actually thought I'd spray the cans, I was thinking different metallics but I didn't because I wanted to show just how quickly someone could whip one up. I love tin can projects too! :)


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